New traffic laws from today. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Talking on a mobile phone while holding it in your hand while driving will mean the loss of six points on your licence as of today now the new traffic laws have been introduced, which also prohibits exceeding the speed limit for overtaking on conventional roads by 20 kilometres per hour.

These are the key points of the new law:

- The number of points to be deducted for driving while holding a mobile phone is increased from 3 to 6. The fine of 200 euros and 3 penalty points is maintained if the offender uses the mobile phone but is not holding it.

- Throwing objects onto the road or in the vicinity of the road that could cause fires or accidents entails the loss of 6 penalty points (previously 4).

- The number of points lost for overtaking in such a way as to endanger or hinder cyclists or without leaving the minimum 1.5 metre distance is increased from 4 to 6.

- The points deducted for using, or not using properly, seat belts, child restraint systems, helmets and other protective equipment are increased from 3 to 4.

- A penalty of 3 points is imposed for having radar or speed camera detection devices in the vehicle, and not only for their use, as was previously the case.

- Exceeding the speed limit by 20 km/h on conventional roads when overtaking other vehicles has been scrapped.

- Mandatory use of helmets for users of personal mobility vehicles, such as scooters.

- Personal mobility vehicles and bicycles and cycles will not be allowed on pavements and other pedestrian areas.

- A fine of 200 euros will be imposed for not respecting low emission zones.

- From July 6 2022 it will be compulsory to incorporate anti-starting breathalysers in passenger transport vehicles (e.g. school buses). Failure to comply is a very serious offence (500 euros).

- It is also considered a very serious offence to "fail to comply with the rules on roadside assistance", which carries a fine of 500 euros.

- A minor offence (up to 100 euros) for "failing to be in control of a vehicle at all times".

- 2 licence points may be recovered by taking safe driving courses certified by the DGT.

- Using unauthorised communication devices during driving tests will be considered a very serious offence, punishable by 500 euros and six months without being able to sit the test again.

- Passenger and goods transport companies will be able to access the driver register online to find out whether their employees' driving licences are valid or not. Only red (not in force) or green (in force) will be reported.

- Zero alcohol limit for underage drivers of any vehicle.