Intensive care is now at low risk, not medium. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Balearic Ministry for Health today reported four new Covid deaths taking the official death toll to 1,234.

374 new cases were reported, slightly lower than over the past few days.
148 patients remained in hospital with coronavirus, of which 34 were being treated in intensive care.

Intensive care occupancy fell to 9.9%, which means it is now at low risk as opposed to medium.
The positivity rate was 13.2% and 3,424 patients with mild or asymptomatic infection were being monitored by Primary Care.

The four deceased reported yesterday died on Tuesday.
They were two men from Ibiza aged 77 and 76, a woman from the same island aged 90 and an 84-year-old Mallorcan.

The cumulative incidence rate for the past two weeks stood at 406 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the Balearics. In Mallorca it was 427, 255 in Ibiza, 474 in Minorca and 151 in Formentera.

959,959 people have been fully vaccinated - 85.7% of the population over four. Of the cases reported yesterday, 324 were diagnosed in Mallorca, where there were 66 patients on hospital wards, 27 in intensive care and 2,819 patients were confined with mild symptoms or without effects.

In Minorca, 16 new positive cases were confirmed, there were seven on the wards, five in intensive care and 289 patients are convalescing at home.
In Ibiza there were seven new cases, two in intensive care, 46 patients on the wards and 295 mild patients being monitored at home. In Formentera, there were two new positive cases and 21 patients are recovering at home.