Covid patients still being admitted to hospital. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Balearic Ministry for Health today reported 462 new Covid cases, 217 more than on Monday, and one more death, taking the death toll since the start of the pandemic to 1,227.

There were 35 Covid patients in intensive care in the Balearics, three less than on Monday.
But while the occupation of intensive care units fell to 10.2%, it remained at “medium risk”.

In addition, there were 129 Covid patients on hospital wards (five more than on Monday) and the number of mild or asymptomatic patients under the supervision of primary care rose to 3,127 (five more).

The total number of active cases stood at 3,291 and since the start of the pandemic, 257,156 cases have been confirmed in the Balearics.

Over the past week, ICU admissions have fallen by 10.2 %, from 39 last Tuesday to 35 today; and the number of patients on hospital wards fell by 23.2 %, from 168 to 129; but active cases have increased by 4.4 %, to 3,291.

The cumulative incidence for the past 14 days continues to slow.
Today it stood at 392 cases of Covid cases per 100,000 inhabitants (on Monday it was 394), with the highest AI14 in Minorca with 471 cases, and in Mallorca 413.
In Ibiza, there were 235 cases per 100,000 and in Formentera 134.

The cumulative incidence for the past seven days rose to 196 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.
The positivity rate remained at 12.9%.

Of the new cases, 323 were diagnosed in Mallorca, where there were 27 patients with Covid in ICU (two less than on Monday), 81 patients on the wards (five more) and 2,608 people were being treated by Primary Care (four more).

In Minorca, 72 new infections were reported and five patients were in intensive care (no change), three remained on the wards (one less) and 248 positive patients were in self isolation (one more).

30 new cases were reported in Ibiza, where there were three patients in ICU (one less), 45 on the wards (one more) and 255 in self isolation ( two less).
In Formentera four new cases were reported and 16 Covid patients were convalescing at home (one more).

A total of 958,384 people in the Balearic Islands have received the full course of the vaccines against Covid, so 85.64% of the population aged over four has already been immunised.