There were queues for Caló des Moro beach last summer. | Jaume Morey

Caló des Moro in Santanyi was the focus last summer for "tourist saturation". Large numbers of beachgoers headed for the cove, and images of queues to get onto the beach caused a great deal of comment; these queues were as a result of beach capacity controls, a Covid measure.

There was also an issue with car parking. Santanyi town hall wants the Caló des Moro car park to be open this summer and is complying with demands from the Council of Mallorca to legalise it. This means that it will have to be reclassified - from rustic to urban land, the latter enabling development. In November last year, the Council's ADT defence of territory agency closed the site because of the lack of planning permits.

The town hall has approved spending of 580,000 euros in order to improve the car park. As soon as the Council of Mallorca gives the go-ahead for the land to become developable, the town hall will undertake work - surfacing, marking parking spaces and providing services such as lighting.

The aim is for the car park to be open this summer and therefore help to prevent the kind of traffic chaos that has been affecting the Caló des Moro, S'Almunia and Cala Llombards area.