Unemployment coming down in Mallorca. | Europa Press

Unemployment in the Balearics in February fell by 37.9% compared with the same month in 2021. There were 32,077 fewer unemployed, the total out of work having dropped to 52,504. These were 1,931 fewer than in January, the month-on-month decrease in the Balearics, 3.55%, having been the second greatest in the country behind Madrid (4.43%).

Unemployment fell in nine regions compared with January. In Madrid, there were 15,770 fewer unemployed, followed by the the Canaries (2,022) and the Balearics (1,931).

National unemployment was down to 3,111,684. Compared with February 2021, there were 897,105 fewer unemployed, the largest year-on-year drop for the current historical series.

The total number of employment contracts registered during February was 1,444,057, of which 316,841 were of a permanent nature..