Covid passport will be needed at least until the end of February. | Josep Bagur Gomila

The Balearic High Court has ratified a government request for the Covid passport to remain a requirement for entering bars, restaurants, cinemas and certain other establishments until February 28.

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The initial period was to January 24, but an extension was always likely. In giving its approval, the court stated: "The measures subject to authorisation are appropriate for limiting the spread of the virus. They are necessary given the increase in infections, and they are proportionate in respect of the tenuous limitation of individual freedom against the benefit of collective health."

The decision is based on a report last week from the regional committee for infectious diseases, which drew attention to the development of the pandemic in the Balearics since December 12. The report referred to a 14-day cumulative incidence of 2,815.4, much higher than when the Covid passport measure was first authorised. The court has therefore concluded that the authorisation is even more justified than when it was given initially.