Make sure your Covid passport does not expire.

Make sure your Covid passport does not expire.

10-12-2021Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - Román G. Aguilera

The Balearic Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs today repeated its advice that, as of 1 February, the COVID certificate will expire nine months after obtaining the full vaccination schedule and that, in order to maintain its validity, it will be necessary to receive the booster dose.

In a press release today, the Health Ministry stated that this measure will affect all those who have received the full course of vaccinations before 1 May, and so on in succession.

It therefore urges people over 40 years of age who have not yet received the booster dose and who were vaccinated before 1 May to do so in the next few days so as not to lose the validity of the COVID certificate.

Taking into account the indications of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the European Commission agreed on 21 December 2021 to establish a mandatory acceptance period of 270 days for the COVID certificate.

It also amended the rules for coding certificates so that vaccination certificates proving completion of the full course of vaccination can always be distinguished from vaccination certificates issued after a booster dose.

As of this Monday, vaccination with booster doses is open to all people over 40 years of age in the Balearic Islands.

The last group to be included is the 40-49 age group. The conditions to be met in order to receive the booster dose are to be between 40 and 49 years of age, to have received the full COVID-19 vaccination schedule and that at least six months have passed since the last dose in the case of Pfizer or Moderna, or three months in the case of Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca) or Janssen.

In addition, people who have has COVID have to wait four weeks before they can be vaccinated with the booster dose. Appointments can be made through BITCita.


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Juan / Hace 5 days

Varant The first title I see on the Public health authority's latest research findings is that "230,800 hospitalisations prevented by COVID-19 vaccines in those over 45". I don't think I need to look much further to tell me what most of us already know.

Yes, you choose not to believe the CDC, no surprises there really.

Maybe you prefer the HSA's report published in the previously mentioned "Lancet", instead. which claims those with even two vaccinations are far less at risk of catching / spreading the coronavirus diseases?

Although I imagine you'd rather I simply to carry on gnoring all findings as it Seems far more easier for you people.

Ignorance certainly is bliss.


Varant / Hace 5 days

Fred, I realise the truth hurts but that is the way life goes. Also, there are several people commenting on this platform and you seem to be the only one that feels the need to resort to insults and foul language. I wonder why your posts aren’t getting censored as you are really pushing the limits mate. Grow up!


Fred / Hace 5 days

Varant just fuc£ off and go join your fellow deluded morons and sail to the edge of the earth.


Varant / Hace 5 days

@ Gabriel, if you have never read a scientific report in your life by your own admission then i’d be careful about making statements. They are available readily if you look for them; as Juan points out the Lancet is generally a good one but many governments also provide these reports publicly nowadays.

@Juan, apologies but I don’t consider the CDC objective as they have too many conflicts of interest. The lancet is a good source and they were one of the first to publish a paper showing that the viral load in vaccinated was the same if not higher than in the not vaccinated (before Omicron). An even better source is the UK public health reports on vaccine efficiency. Here is the link to the week 51 report;

Look at table#8 and tell me how anyone can claim that the non vaccinated are spreading the disease more.


Nigel / Hace 6 days

I think the whole debate depends on your age. Debating risk assessment, anyone under 30 stands a greater chance of problems vaccinated than not vaccinated. With regard to doctors and medical staff being unvaccinated, all will be revealed as to the scale of unvaccinated v/s vaccinated in April when the UK NHS sacks all unvaccinated staff.


Juan / Hace 6 days

Well Varant, due to certain social media scientists who like to think they know better, it certainly has resulted in a "Them vs. us", Scenario.

And what now, you didn't understand my reply so I literally have to show you in black and white who states unvaccinated spread more than vaccinated? Oh I don't know.... " The Centers for diseases and protection", "The Lancet", "healthline.UK to name 3 of hundreds...

But go on, tell me how they are wrong or what part of their results you find suspicious, untrue?

Do you need a weatherman to tell you when it's peeing down?


Rich / Hace 6 days

Unfortunately Mark, in time, with constant boosters, you may conclude that 1+1 = mug.


Rich / Hace 6 days

Gabriel. Sorry to inform you but, as stated by the boss of Pfizer they are developing a chip to go into pills, with an initial purpose to monitor patients as regards their compliance with the 'prescription'. Obviously this will only be for schizophrenia type of illnesses, to start with. Look up the video, I don't think it was a man in disguise, you probably will though.


Gabriel / Hace 6 days

Rich, I don't feel used by the government. What would be the reason? Just for fun? Or genocide? Or radio frequencies stuffed into a microchip? Because having a mobile phone is not control enough, Bill wants to control me even more...


Mark / Hace 6 days

Varant: you are right, it is not about us and them. What I care about is that it is a fact that 80+% of people that end up in hospital not vaccinated (not everyone is a concious non vaxer) and clogg up the health system. My view is that if you are against vaxination, you should be refused hospitalization. As thát is the bit that is what this is all about. Just stay at home and see if you survive. And as to Rich's few doctors who do not want the vaccine: you mean the 0,001 percent of doctors? Anyway, I have 2 jabs and a booster and although I was not totally keen on it either, I think it is my duty to society to do so. Plus: you have no life without it, when you travel a lot and have to stay in hotels like I do and or eat out a lot. So, 1+1=2. For the rest: keep shouting, no one listens to you non vaxers anyway.