Vaccination helps prevent the serious effects of COVID.

Vaccination helps prevent the serious effects of COVID.

14-01-2022Sergio Cañizares

"In the last three weeks there has been a clear increase in the number of hospitalisations of child patients ranging from a few days to 15 or 16 years of age," acknowledges Dr. Joan Figuerola, head of pediatrics at Son Espases.

The cause is the "diseases caused by COVID, which we had not had with this frequency," explains the expert, indicating respiratory diseases and pneumonia. Yesterday in Son Espases hospital there were two patients in ICU aged 12 and 15 years respectively and ten others hospitalised on the ward. "We have bilateral pneumonias that we had not seen before, or they were not so serious, with the affected chest plate".

To get an idea of the evolution in these young patients, "in the whole pandemic we had had about 25 admissions and three weeks ago there were already ten," adds Figuerola. It was known that with the vaccination campaign among those over 12 years of age, the virus would affect children to a greater extent, "only they were left, and it seems that this is what has happened". Hence the importance of vaccinating the 5-11 age group because it is already known that the approved serums reduce the severity of the disease.

Yesterday the Balearic Islands notified another 4,103 new positives and at the moment there are 53,147 people with Covid. However, only 0.75 % of the cases are severe and require hospitalisation. There are 403 people hospitalised, 83 of whom occupy a critical care bed.

The accumulated incidence at 14 days stands at 2,815.4 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and "in our community we have not yet noticed a slowdown as in others", warned the Regional Minister of Health, Patricia Gómez.


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Juan / Hace 6 days

Not that many Johnny - vaccinated ones anyway.


Rich / Hace 6 days

People thinking they have covid clogging up some hospital areas. Project fear is starting to backfire. How do you get tested for covid? Is it people who think they have it go and get tested? If so it's no wonder the figures are so high.


Max / Hace 6 days

Do you blame them? It's only business nothing personal..


Johnny / Hace 6 days

Really, just stop with this absolutely brainless talks and scare tactics. Read the statistics on how many kids have died of COVID, Jesus. It's so so low and then saying to parents to jab them? Are you crazy?


Juan / Hace 7 days

The long term side effects from Covid, are so far more detrimental from that of any vaccine for it.

I also know of many more people both in the UK and Spain who have suffered the effects from the main cause than the vaccine.


James / Hace 7 days

You must be crazy to inject this experimental therapy into your kids. Who knows what we will find out in the years to come. The risk of the vaccine far out ways, the risk of now the Omicron variant. WHY?


Jerry / Hace 7 days

I know this publication called for more clear hospital number data a few weeks ago - curious if these numbers are directly related to covid admissions, or they tested positive for going in for something else? We should also note the percentage of children affected is even smaller based on the number of total infections, than before. Want to make sure people are getting the full picture here to avoid further anxiety.


Ronny / Hace 7 days

Before risking damaging your child’s immune system with this experimental gene-therapy, do a risk/benefit analysis and read up on possible side-effects.


James / Hace 7 days

This sounds like a government propaganda story. Trying to scare parents into vaccinating there children. As the number of uptake in vaccinating children is low.