The MSC Fantasia in Palma today.

The MSC Fantasia in Palma today.

13-01-2022Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - Pillar Pellica

The cruise ship MSC Fantasia, which has been hit by an outbreak of Covid while sailing in Italy, docked this afternoon in the Port of Palma.

It appears that about 54 positive cases have been detected among the crew after they were tested.

Several ambulances were deployed to the port to transfer the positive cases to a government Covid hotel for quarantine. The seriousness of those infected is not yet known.

After disembarking today in Palma, the next destination of the MSC Fantasia is Barcelona.

This is the second cruise ship affected by an outbreak of Covid in less than a week to have docked in Palma.

Last Friday, 7 January, the cruise ship MSC Grandiosa docked in Palma with 15 positive cases among the passengers and crew.

The Foreign Health Service assured that the confirmed positives were asymptomatic or had mild symptoms. None of them required hospitalisation.


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Lisa / Hace 7 days

As usual plague ships bringing infection, pollution and overcrowding to Palma. This time the hospital.

It’s actually Madrid that controls the port. The Balearic Gov need to fight to protect Palma.


Adam / Hace 7 days

They should Ban the cruise ships from coming to Mallorca or Ibiza for at least a year all of them only nessaray ships with life articles on board can come equipment food etc medical supplies etc , the problem is the gov gets money from docking fees etc and they are all in the club too far area so they very seldom go to town what they need to do when this all goes back to normal is have free taxis to the old town for these people so they come to the town and spend some money , all good could talk about this for hours !


JACQUELINE / Hace 7 days

So...whats first...THE MONEY....OR THE HEALTH of the Public..!!! And of course the Strain that is being put on the Hosptial Nurses and Doctors there...!!! that fact that this is the 2nd time in 1 week...!!! I hop they STOP^these Cruises for at least 2 weeks....AT LEAST ..or more if nesscisary..!!!


Marvin / Hace 7 days

Why would anyone with an ounce of sense set foot on one of those things. Ah, they have NO sense.


David / Hace 7 days

Here we go again. Cruise ship are the ideal environment for disease spread. It’s not about vaccine for COVID-19 it’s about not learning. I don’t think there is a vaccine for that.


Penny / Hace 8 days

Do the cruise companies not make it compulsory for all members of crew to be fully vaccinated? If not why? They should not be sailing or allowed to Dock anywhere!! They should be regularly tested.


Mark / Hace 8 days

Hahahaha, Peter: well said! These floating plagaue platforms should be banned forever.


Peter / Hace 8 days

Really, I would never have thought that would happen. :-)