President Francina Armengol of the Balearics

Francina Armengol says there are means for "living" with Covid.

13-01-2022Europa Press

Responding to the Spanish government health minister's proposal that Covid should be treated as being endemic once the current wave of infection passes, President Armengol said on Thursday that there needs to be a "step-by-step approach".

"Thanks to science", she observed, there are the means for "living" with the virus. In this regard, she stressed the importance of maintaining safety measures, such as the wearing of masks and vaccination.

"If we have a situation in which a strong increase in infections does not create a serious problem for the health service, then we will be talking about another phase of the disease. Right now, we are in the situation we are in and we have to be very cautious." Omicron is highly contagious, so "we have to be very alert". "Getting over Covid is not a trivial matter."

Armengol reiterated the importance of the booster jab and of children under the age of 12 being vaccinated. "A vaccinated person can be infected. But getting over the disease is not the same if you are not vaccinated as it is for someone who is. An unvaccinated person infects much more than a vaccinated person and is harming another citizen who can be infected. I cannot be clearer."


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Varant / Hace 7 days

Her comment that “An unvaccinated person infects much more…” is by now scientifically proven wrong so can she maybe share her sources backing up these BS claims? Case in point the by now famous cruise ship cases; all crew and passengers have to be vaccinated and still we are seeing the results. So who is it that is infecting who? Seriously…you need a lobotomy to believe this type of rhetoric.


Jerry / Hace 8 days

Actually, she could be clearer. By actually providing studies that support her narrative. Which is not possible. Let's be more clear that in a high-risk, unhealthy person, then it isn't the same as a healthy person getting over omicron. The hospitals would be spewing over with people if this weren't the case.

If she trusts the science, she should actually trust the science and let the people of Mallorca have some relief from the constant anxiety that is produced by this narrative!