The anti-vax sea front bar in Palma.

The anti-vax sea front bar in Palma.

12-01-2022Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

On Tuesday afternoon a group of anti-vaccine activists set up an improvised bar with drinks and snacks "for the unvaccinated" on the beach promenade of Can Pere Antoni, in Palma. The table was dominated by an image of Novak Djokovic.

"Bar for the unvaccinated", "No COVID passport required", "No discrimination" or "Open to all" were some of the slogans that could be read at this beach bar, which at some points in the afternoon attracted around fifteen people.

While some of the citizens strolling around the area could not believe their eyes, others decided to stop for a drink with their fellow naysayers.

There was no lack of music either, with a loudspeaker next to the table.

The day seems to have ended without sanctions for the organisers, as in the early hours of the night, with the 'bar' already packed up, the Local Police of Palma had no record of the event.


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Jerry / Hace 8 days

@Roger - I think we should celebrate that this was a peaceful 'protest' instead of anger. This is what society is about, differing opinions and doing so in a peaceful yet blatant way. Kudos to this fellow for his bravery.


Rich / Hace 9 days

Did you stop to ask the staff if they were vaccinated or not? Define antivaxx, I think you'll find the people you brand as anti vaxxers are perfectly happy with fully tested vaccines. Perhaps those who set up this bar are anti two tier society?


Roger / Hace 9 days

Discgraceful...If the government has the balls to do so, I hope that this is closed down before the end of the day...If not then it appears that we are paying our taxes to a government that has no genuine ethics or atachment to what is going on in the real world