National Police Officers at Palma Airport. | Jaume Morey

11 of the passengers who fled from a plane at Palma Airport have been arrested.

Most were apprehended by Guardia Civil Officers in Sa Cabinet and Marratxí and one was caught walking along the road to Manacor.

The Air Arabia Maroc plane was en-route from Casablanca to Istanbul on Friday when it made an emergency landing at Son Sant Joan Airport after a passenger feigned illness.

While Emergency Services personnel were taking the patient off the plane, several Moroccan passengers ran down the steps, fled across the runway and hid under parked planes.

A total of 13 flights were diverted: 5 to Barcelona, 4 to Ibiza, 2 to Minorca, 1 to Madrid and 1 to Valencia.

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Police now believe 23 passengers fled the plane. One was arrested immediately they are still searching for those still missing.