Plaça de la Mercè, Palma. | M. À. Cañellas

​Residents of Plaça Banc de s’Oli and Plaça de la Mercè in central Palma are so fed up with noise from bars and restaurants below their homes that they’ve hung posters on their balconies with the slogan ‘Silenci, respecte, civisme’.

They claim that there's so much noise that they have to keep their windows closed all year round.

"In just one square we have 6 bars and restaurants," said a local resident.

“Licenses from 30 years ago are being recovered and new bars and restaurants are opening,” said another local. “We are fine with the traditional bars and restaurants as long as the rules are respected, but there are some new establishments that are open until 0200 in the morning and then customers hang around until 03:30."

“When we call the Local Police they ignore us,” claimed another resident. “There is a very bad atmosphere here and we can't get any sleep. The same thing will happen soon in Plaça de Quadrado.”

Plaça Banc de s’Oli, Palma.

"We have the typical noise problem from 08:00 until 23:00,” confirmed a Neighbourhood Association spokesperson. “We have people here who work from home and it is very difficult for them because there are people on the terraces all day long and the noise gets worse from 18:00 when they drink start drinking alcohol.”

The residents have asked the Federació d'Associacions de Veïns de Palma for help.

“More tables were added to the Plaça after lockdown and they have never been removed,” said the Association spokesperson. “There are some establishments that play very loud music and do not respect the closing hours."