Traffic restrictions to the Formentor lighthouse are from June 15 to September 15. | Archive

Pollensa town hall is wanting a rethink of the traffic restrictions for the Formentor road from Puerto Pollensa, a request that comes in light of the revelation that the restrictions this summer didn't come into effect until August 18. They should have started on June 15, as in previous years and which was when everyone understood that they had commenced. However, there was a delay to the necessary announcement in the Official Bulletin.

In the end, the traffic directorate fined some 7,500 drivers who were on the road between 10am and 7pm without prior authorisation between August 18 and September 15. Most of these fines applied to the section of the road from Puerto Pollensa to the beach, which was subject to restrictions for the first time.

Mayor Tomeu Cifre says if all the fines that should have been collected from mid-June had been collected (some one million euros), "they could invest in an automatic barrier system".

Something clearly went wrong this year, the Council of Mallorca's mobility department currently saying nothing about whether it was aware of the delay in publication in the Official Bulletin. The government's transport ministry says that the restrictions are a matter for the Council and the fines for the traffic directorate. The town hall has no direct responsibility.