Covid fears.

Covid fears.

23-10-2021STOYAN NENOV

Fully vaccinated travellers to the UK “pinged” by NHS Test and Trace are being ordered to self-isolate – because their vaccines are not deemed good enough, according to a report in this week´s Independent newspaper by travel expert Simon Calder.

Each week, thousands of people arrive at British airports aboard flights on which a fellow passenger subsequently tests positive for Covid, the report says.

The report in the Independent states "Those who were jabbed in the UK need not quarantine. But people who have been vaccinated abroad are forced to self-isolate because their jabs have been administered “to different standards or protocols,” according to the Department of Health."


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Peter / Hace about 1 month

And that's a good thing right. Smoking where 80% of people don't want it.


Rich / Hace about 1 month

The 'ping', what an amazing population control measure. Just remember that no government in history has ever given back 100% of what they have taken. Eg. No return of being allowed to smoke on terraces.


Charlie / Hace about 1 month

My wife arrived in the U.K. from Spain yesterday having been vaccinated with the single dose Janssen vaccine. She has not been required to self-isolate, and only has to submit to the usual day 2 test.