Redevelopment is in order to give all rooms sea views. | Archive


Three months ago, work started on the comprehensive redevelopment of the Hotel Formentor. This involves the total demolition of the interior so that all rooms have a sea view. The work having begun, and the Council of Mallorca's heritage department has now sent a report to Pollensa town hall, demanding that it lists the building in order to ensure the preservation of exterior and interior spaces.

The report is dated September 8. It states that "Formentor and its hotel are a substantial part of the recent social, cultural and economic history of the island". "For this reason, apart from strictly physical characteristics, this hotel establishment presents cultural and symbolic significance as an emblematic hotel establishment of the first order at an international level. This gives it a special singularity and makes it worthy of inclusion in the catalogue (the town hall's protected list)."

Pollensa's mayor, Tomeu Cifre, has expressed his surprise at the demand having been sent three months after he signed the licence himself and interior demolition began. "It is incomprehensible that nothing was said before. Protection is now being asked for, when there's nothing left inside."

The hotel's owners have so far declined to comment.