They are also demanding an improvement to the bus service. | - EFE

A group under the name of Disfrutar Pollença is gathering signatures through a petition directed at Pollensa’s mayor, Tomeu Cifre, for a “Formentor for everyone”.

As of Friday morning, 210 signatures had been gathered for what is in essence a response to the latest traffic restrictions for Formentor and the terms of these restrictions. They are not calling for people to be able to drive freely to the hotel and beach but want tighter restriction instead.

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As previously noted, there is a bizarre arrangement that allows owners of private cars to obtain retrospective authorisation for travelling between Puerto Pollensa and the beach/hotel by emailing a receipt for food and drink at a bar or for a sunlounger to the traffic directorate. These car owners would be liable to a fine, as the number plates would have been recorded by camera readers. But the receipts, so long as they are sent within three working days, annul the fines.

The group is against this loophole and wants a control system that limits the number of vehicles in a way that would be done for any car park. They are also demanding an improvement to the bus service. There is no direct service from Pollensa. People have to change buses, and the poor coordination of schedules is such that journey time can be up to four hours - there and back.