First Brits since Balearics were 'Green' listed arrive in Palma. | Enrique Calvo

The first British tourists since the UK added Mallorca to its ‘Green’ list arrived in Palma on Wednesday.

The fact that Brits no longer have to quarantine when they return to the UK prompted hundreds of last minute bookings for Mallorca.

A British woman from Manchester, confessed that she booked her flight and hotel the minute the Balearic Islands were green-listed.

"I heard the news and made a reservation immediately,” she said.

Another Brit from Manchester also waited for the UK’s ‘Green’ list decision before he booked his flight.

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It’s better not to have to quarantine because I have things to do when I get back. I'm also fully vaccinated, so it's easier,” he said.

A man who’s visiting Mallorca for the first time with his girlfriend, admits that if he had to quarantine, he wouldn’t have come.

"Without a doubt, it was a good decision to put the Balearic Islands on the ‘Green’ list," he says. The couple have all their Covid documentation in order and say they intend to relax and enjoy the sun in Cala D’Or, "because the weather in England is terrible."

A couple who own a house in Mallorca and are not affected by the quarantine rules because they’re retired, were very happy to be back on the Island.

We don't care if we have to quarantine because we are retired, so self-isolation isn't a problem for us,” said the woman. The couple came to Mallorca in December and are planning to spend 4 or 5 weeks on the Island this time around. “We came to check on the house is and enjoy ourselves."

Six flights from Manchester, London and Leeds arrived at Son Sant Joan Airport in Palma on Wednesday and many, many more are scheduled in the coming days.