Magalluf, hopeful of welcoming back British holidaymakers.

President Armengol has welcomed remarks made by the British ambassador, Hugh Elliott, on Wednesday, which indicated that the UK government is considering the possibility of treating the Balearics separately when it conducts its next travel review. "We welcome this, as the health situation in the Balearics is much better" than in other regions of Spain.

Speaking during a visit on Thursday to the Balearic Oceanographic Centre, the president restated her view that the UK decision to keep countries on its amber list is because of the "internal growth of the Indian variant in the UK, something about which we are also concerned". "We will see what approach the UK will adopt and how it controls the increases. We also have to be alert and pay the utmost attention."

Armengol added that the islands are in an "excellent condition" to ensure the safety of residents and tourists. She highlighted the fact that there has been a 97% decrease in Covid-related mortality since January, stressing that "the islands are in a situation to allow the safe reopening of economic activity".

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The president insisted that "we cannot do what has been happening in various other regions, which are going backwards and increasing the cumulative incidence". "We will not do better by speeding up." She was referring to the process of easing restrictions, through which "we are maintaining a good health situation and are freeing economic activities and citizens' rights every fifteen days". "This is the route we will continue to take."

With regard to bars and restaurants, Armengol noted that they are now open until midnight, "which was normally the case for many restaurants before Covid". "If the situation allows it, we will continue with the de-escalation and gradually relax measures so that there is a return to normality as soon as possible."

On nightlife, the president pointed to the test events which are to be held later this month. These have the aim of "starting to open nightlife safely". Talks will take place with business and union representatives next week and decisions will be announced at the cabinet meeting next Friday (June 18). The intention is for "safe opening in accordance with proposals of the Inter-Territorial Council for the National Health System. These allow regions to make their own decisions".

Armengol also spoke about the "botellón", reiterating the fact that this sort of street gathering has been banned for a long time. Bans applied before Covid, and she called on people to act responsibly, hoping that "we do not have to take more measures in order to guarantee behaviour". Like the botellón ban, the "decree of tourism excesses" existed before Covid. This limits the sale of alcohol in specific areas where there is "excess", and she called for everyone to display the "utmost rigour" in ensuring "ethical behaviour" - businesspeople and tourists.