Healthcare Professional giving vaccine, Palma. | M.À. Cañellas

An avalanche of requests that brought the BitCita online vaccine appointment system to a grinding halt for a few hours has now been fixed and the website is up and running again.

On Monday, Health Minister, Patricia Gómez, apologised for the incident, but stressed the fact that a growing number of people are being immunised against coronavirus.

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By Tuesday afternoon more than 12,000 people had registered on the BitCita website. IB Salut says the system is running well and that a waiting list has been generated for those aged 55-59 years old the remained of the over 60s waiting to be vaccinated.

289,223 people in the Balearic Islands have now had one jab and 119,218 have had both.

The Balearic Government said last week that 15,000 people a day were being immunised, but the pace slowed again on Sunday when just 4,352 were vaccinated.