'Mural for Equality' by Llorenç Garrit. | Llorenç Garrit


Llorenç Garrit has just completed his 'Mural for Equality' which was commissioned by the City of Marratxí to mark International Women's Day.

It took him three days to paint the 7 metres x 5 metres wide mural on one of the walls of Plaça Can Flor, in Pòrtol and according to Marratxí City Council, the artist was inspired by the song 'L'Olivera' by Joan Manuel Serrat because of its link between women and the Mediterranean landscape.

It has been an honour and a responsibility to be chosen to paint this mural,” said Llorenç. “It's been a fantastic initiative and other Municipalities should be encouraged to do this, because there are walls that need a little colour and it is better if are painted by an artist.”

Llorenç admits that in the beginning he was a bit apprehensive about painting in public in Portól.

"I like it a lot now that I've finished it,” he says. “But during the process I got quite nervous because when i’m in the studio no one is watching me, but here passersby ask questions and you interact, so it's very interesting but at the same time it's very stressful because I have a responsibility to do a good job.”