British tourists heading back from Spain could have to quarantine.

British tourists heading back from Spain could have to quarantine.

15-02-2021NEIL HALL

It would be a hammer blow for the Spanish tourist industry but Britain is pondering whether to add Spain and the U.S. to England´s high-risk red list of 33 countries.

This means all travel to and from Spain would be banned, excluding British nationals returning home. In addition, anyone entering England from Spain would be required to self-isolate for ten days at a government-approved quarantine hotel, costing up to £1,750 per person.

According to The Telegraph, the Department Of Transport met with health officials yesterday to discuss the latest date on new variants in both Spain and the US.

A decision will be made on whether to add the countries to the red list at the Cabinet Covid operations committee this week.



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David Hepburn / Hace 9 months

Nothing to do with Brexit, we should have closed the boarders from Jan 1st to help contain the new varients of Covid. Plus why would anyone want to sit on a plane breathing in air from another 300 people on the same plane. Sorry but we should all stay in our own countries until everyone is vacinanted in Spain and UK.


Peter Sutton / Hace 9 months

Pure (Brexit) politics. This is a blatant attempt by Johnson’s government to blackmail the EU for concessions. Europe should refuse and place sanctions on the UK of Spain is added to the “Red List”.


Glenis / Hace 9 months

Boris is going to hit the British pensioners very hard. Every year British pensioners save up to go to Spain and their Islands it is warmer and better for them and saves NHS money. If Boris puts Spain in the red zone it will mean that lots of returning pensioners will be hit with a massive bill to be taken out of their £175 per week pension. We are NOT all well off like you Boris.