Francina Armengol, President of the Balearic Government | CAIB

Just 24 hours ago a new 22:00-06:00 curfew was announced and is due to be in force until December 21, or is it? The President of the Balearic Government Francina Armengol appears to be softening her stance.

If the circumstances are better on the 21st than they are now we will make the coronavirus restrictions more flexible,” she told IB3 Ràdio on Thursday, adding that her main concern is not whether there is a Christmas party or not.

President Armengol has described the coronavirus situation in Mallorca as "complicated" and says the curfew has been changed “to avoid the most risky activities."

She explained that the increase in infections in Ibiza a few weeks ago “showed that the curfew worked” because the numbers plummeted, but pointed out there was also a ban on service inside bars and restaurants on the White Island.

Restaurateurs are absolutely furious about the earlier curfew saying it's the very last thing the Sector needed.

"We are aware of the economic damage of this pandemic, but we have always supported the Sectors that are being punished,” said Armengol who added that aid for those who are self-employed, loans and guarantees for companies and other aid, such as ERTE is available.

President Armengol blames the recent spike in coronavirus infections in Mallorca on people letting their guard down in environments where they feel safe, such as gyms, bars and restaurants.


51,000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine will be available in the Balearics in the first quarter of 2021 and President Armengol says the Health Service is ready to start vaccinating as soon as the Government gives them the go ahead.