The average salary in Mallorca is below the national average. | Efe


In 2019, 192,500 workers in the Balearics earned no more than 900 euros per month. The Tax Agency's latest statistics for the labour market confirm that despite the economy having been in generally good health, this was not reflected by salaries.

At most, 546,659 people were registered for employment with social security in 2019 - the highest number ever. The average salary was 19,834 euros - the equivalent of 1,417 per month for fourteen months (because of the commonly applied extra months' payments). This was below the national average of 20,566 euros, even if it was higher than in previous years, and the increase to the average owed much to the fact that the minimum wage had risen from 736 euros per month to 900 euros.

Thirty-five per cent of the regional labour force was therefore earning no more than the minimum wage. In the next earnings bracket (901 to 1,800 euros) were 224,100 workers, 41% of the labour force. There were 72,536 workers in the 1,801 to 2,700 euros bracket, 13,3% of the labour force.

Six per cent, 33,162 workers, were in the 2,700 to 3,600 euros bracket; 2.1% (11,434) on 3,601 to 4,500; 1.7% (9,433) in the 4,501 to 6,750 euros pay range; 0.37% (2,014) between 6,751 and 9,000 euros; and finally, 0.27% (1,469) on over 9,000 euros per month.