The positive test rate has been above five per cent over the past seven days. | Miquel À. Cañellas

On Wednesday, the Balearic health ministry reported 170 new positive cases. This is the highest daily number since 150 on September 23, although it needs noting that the 170 are based on 3,042 tests - a higher number than usual.

The positive test rate of 5.59% is therefore still above the WHO recommended five per cent target. Over the past week, the figures have been: 135 cases, 6.31% rate (October 15); 82 cases, 3.23% rate (October 16); 144 cases, 5.12% rate (October 17); 104 cases, 5.05% rate (October 18); 75 cases, 6.63% rate (October 19); and 132 cases, 6.58% rate (October 20). For the seven-day period, October 15 to 21, the cumulative test rate is therefore 5.35%.

Javier Arranz, spokesperson for the regional committee for infectious diseases, recognises that the cumulative rate has climbed; it was below five per cent last week. "There has been a slight increase in the rate of positivity over the past week, and more positive cases are being found in some areas, such as Ibiza.

For the past fourteen days, the positive rate has been 151 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In Mallorca it is 147; it is higher in Ibiza - 168. For a seven-day period it is 81 for the whole of the Balearics. Arranz adds that there have been more cases over the past week, highlighting the increased incidence in Ibiza.

On hospital wards, there are 116 patients in Mallorca, 36 in Ibiza and four in Minorca. The total of 156 is four more than on Tuesday. In intensive care units, there are 35 patients in Mallorca (the same as Tuesday), three in Ibiza (one more) and two in Minorca (no change).

Thirteen more patients have left hospital and a further 117 have recovered. The total number of people being attended by IB-Salut has gone up slightly - from 2,447 on Tuesday to 2,502.

The ministry has also confirmed four more deaths; the total since the start of the pandemic is 343.