A deserted Playa de Palma.

Spanish government spokesperson and finance minister María Jesús Montero said on Friday that there will not be a resumption of tourism until there can be a guarantee of "extraordinarily" safe conditions for both national and international tourists.

Montero added that it is not yet known how the opening of Spain's borders will be managed, as this will depend on where international tourists come from. In order to open borders, she suggested, it will be necessary to have a standardised and coordinated approach with countries that are in a similar situation to Spain. The European Union's "de-escalation strategy" should make tourism a central issue.

Tourism, she acknowledged, is a sector which has been "particularly harmed" by the pandemic. The government, she stressed, will work in a "special way" in protecting one of the sectors which contributes the greatest wealth to national GDP.

Spain, she continued, has one of the best health systems in the world, and tourists know this very well. "They know that if they have a disease problem, they will have a universal and powerful health system which will attend to them with the highest quality and technical scientific criteria."