Ciutadella cancels Sant Joan fiestas in June. | Gema Andreu

The Sant Joan fiestas, which were scheduled to take place on June 23 and 24 in Ciutadella have been suspended because of the coronavirus restrictions.

Mayor Joana Gomila, Local Councillors and Festival Organisers decided to cancel the celebrations after discussing the issue via video conference.

The State of Emergency was decreed on March 14 and has just been extended, for a third time, until May 11 which leaves less than a month to organise all the events for the fiestas.

The group considered the possibility of postponing the events until September, but in the end they decided to cancel.

Other Mayors in Menorca are adopting a wait and see attitude and say they will decide whether or not to cancel their Saint's Festivals after the de-escalation of the coronavirus restrictions.