Yolanda Díaz, Labour Minister | Borja Puig de la Bellacasa - vmo

The Labour Minister, Yolanda Díaz, says the Government is working on a total resumption of activity in the Balearic Islands in two stages.

"The first one from now until summer will cover the Productive Sectors and the second, which will last until the end of the year, affects the Tourism, Culture & Leisure Sector,” she said.

The Government is designing initiatives to protect activity and employment in Tourism, Culture and Leisure as well as the Air and Sea Navigation Sector which have been paralysed by Temporary Regulation Records of Employment, or ERTEs, by force majeure.

“These Sectors are going to have enormous difficulties," said Minister Días, “so we are introducing measures to cushion the impact."

She also revealed that the Industry Minister, Reyes Maroto, is working to define "concrete action plans" to save the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry “that defines the productive structure of Spain.”

The Labour Minister is meeting with Employers, Unions and Parliamentary Groups to determine how to continue with the ERTE due to force majeure.

"Today and for many months to come they will continue without activity,” she said, “and we are working with the political forces to make sure that this Sector, which is very important for the country, is protected and does not fall.”