Shop owners are among the ranks of the self-employed.

According to social security figures, there were on average 5,384 self-employed people in Calvia between March and September last year. These represented 20% of registrations in the municipality with social security - the highest percentage in Majorca's "part forana" (anywhere but Palma).

Calvia town hall has set up a new service to provide information about help available to the self-employed, many of whom are being and will be particularly hard hit by the crisis. The town hall says that it will be analysing each request for assistance from the self-employed. The ISBA not-for-profit bank, which enables access to finance to small businesses, is providing "extraordinary liquidity products", and the town hall will be helping with channelling requests to the bank.

Further information by phone (971 134 613); by email (; through the town hall's training end employment website (