Consell de Mallorca Tourism Promotion

05-04-2020Youtube: conselldemallorca

"You can't travel, but you can keep on dreaming." Under the hashtag #SeeYouSoonMallorca, the Council of Majorca's video has been viewed 2.8 million times since it was released on social media. Aimed at the principal tourism markets, such as the UK, the video had by Wednesday been viewed 1,792,153 times on Instagram and 923,653 times on Facebook. In addition, there had been 50,865 views on YouTube and 3,711 views via Twitter.

The aim of the #SeeYouSoonMallorca campaign, says the Council's tourism and sports department, is to offer a message of optimism and hope. Through it, Majorca "wants to establish bonds with its most loyal markets in reminding them that once this situation has ended, the island will return to being a safe place".

Since the start of the crisis, the Majorca Tourism Foundation, the Council's tourism promotion body, has been promoting the island with this slogan in a variety of ways, using social media and the website There have been regular meetings of the foundation's advisory council in order to coordinate this promotion with the island's tourism industry.


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Andy / Hace about 1 year

Great, looks nice. Waste of time and money. Everyone knows there is no 2020 holiday season. So don't waste money on pointless videos and spend it on supporting the unfortunate jobless people of Mallorca instead.


Josh / Hace about 1 year

I do keep dreaming and cant wait until its all safe to return to our favourite place in the world