Balearic President, Francina Armengol in parliament yesterday. | T. Ayuga


Balearic President Armengol told parliament yesterday that the government has called on the national interior and justice ministries to make more resources available in order to apply “firmer police and court action” in cases of child sexual exploitation.

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Armengol was responding to a question from Ciudadanos, adding that “we are all responsible” and asking Cs spokesperson Patricia Guasp not to “make politics” out of the affair. Guasp noted that the government is ultimately responsible for procedures, despite responsibilities for children in care having been transferred to the Council of Majorca. Jorge Campos of Vox observed that as the minister for social affairs, Fina Santiago, was not going to resign, then Armengol should. The Partido Popular’s Biel Company, agreeing that Santiago should resign, demanded that the president of the Majorcan Institute of Social Affairs should be sacked by the president of the Council of Majorca, Catalina Cladera.

Company was critical of the fact that since Armengol had returned from her trip to India - she was absent for last week’s parliamentary session - there has been a “law of silence” about the scandal.