The accused leaving the courthouse in Palma. | A. Sepúlveda


Prosecutors are asking that a man who allegedly raped a woman at her apartment in Calle Capità Vila in Palma in 2017 be jailed for 72 years.

The 23 year old defendant, who’s French, is charged with a raft of crimes, including, robbery with violence and intimidation, sexual assault and attempted murder.

On October 15, the defendant allegedly escaped from the Es Pinaret Juvenile Centre, climbed onto the roof of the woman's home and stole an LG television.

Two days later he returned to the five-storey building with the intention of stealing more items and allegedly threatened the owner at gunpoint, forced her to perform a sex act on him then raped her, tied her hands and feet and demanded the pin number for her credit card, telling her that if it didn’t work he would come back and kill her.

He allegedly dragged her to the dressing room, forced her to take five diazepam tablets, then took her into the living room and gave her five more tablets to prevent her calling for help, set fire to different parts of the house, then went to a cash machine and withdrew 600 euros from her bank account.

The woman told Police that when she came to the house was full of smoke, she managed to untie her feet but couldn’t open the windows or doors because her hands were tied behind her back. She broke a window with her head and her screams for help were heard by a neighbour who rescued her from the apartment.

The victim suffered numerous wounds and abrasions to her body as a result of the attack and was given psychiatric help for more than 18 months.

In addition to the jail sentence, the Prosecution is asking that the defendant be ordered to pay 77,433 euros compensation to the victim.