National Police arrested aneighteen-year-old German youth on Saturday. | National Police


An eighteen-year-old German youth was arrested on Saturday night for the alleged rape of a 14-year-old German girl.

Around 11.30 on Saturday night, a German woman and her two teenage daughters were in Playa de Palma. The girls asked if they could go to the beach with some other German teenagers, aged between 16 and 18. The alleged rape took place in a secluded part of the beach.

The girl, in tears, told her mother what had happened. The woman went to find the perpetrator but he had gone. A friend phoned him and he returned, denying that sexual relations had not been consented to. The National Police were called, and the boy was detained. The girl, meanwhile, was taken to Son Llàtzer Hospital for tests.

On Sunday morning, the mother and the girl went to police headquarters to make a statement, but the girl didn't file a complaint. This was apparently because she was still in a highly agitated state. A few hours later, the mother and her two daughters flew back to Germany.