Tolo Cursach, who faces numerous charges. | MDB

Tolo Cursach faces his first trial next month since his arrest almost a year ago. The man who gave his name to Magalluf's BCM (Bartolomé Cursach Mas) has been charged on many counts, and one of these is for the illegal possession of firearms.

The prosecution service is seeking a jail term of eighteen months for possession of a carbine firearm that was discovered at one of his properties when it was raided. The gun was in perfect working order and was capable of being fired; it was in fact loaded.

The carbine was not on any register. Of foreign make, there was no evidence of any import declaration. There was, therefore, no licence permitting its possession and no proof of ownership. In addition to the gun, 640 cartridges were seized.

As well as the eighteen months' sentence, the prosecution will be demanding a four-year period prohibiting the possession of any firearm.