Tasers for Calvia cops next summer? | Michel's

There was a report in the local Spanish media last week, and elements of the British press immediately latched onto it. Carlos Tarancón of Ciudadanos (C's) in Calvia was to present a motion to the council meeting, proposing that local police carry tasers.

It was interesting to note quite how quickly a report on a Majorcan website was picked up and translated and then appeared on websites such as The Express and The Star. Tarancón had referred to specific trouble spots in Magalluf and Santa Ponsa. It seemed to prove, if proof were necessary, that the British press pays very close attention to news in Majorca, depending on what that news is.

Tarancón has indeed now presented his motion, which argues that the police need non-lethal weapons (they do have guns of course) in order to control those who resist authority without endangering their own physical well-being and without endangering the lives of others. Guns, it should be pointed out, really are only used in extreme circumstances.

The C's councillor explains that there were instances this summer when police officers were injured when tackling people "in advanced states of drunkenness" and who were of "great corporeality"; in other words, big.

"Police officers suffer from a lack of effective instruments to reduce intoxicated people," he adds, noting that "officers can find themselves in situations of inferiority in physical conflicts of this type".

Officers do also have the option of the expandable iron baton.