Tolo Cursach, when arriving at the courts in Palma in March. | Efe

Tolo Cursach, head of Grupo Cursach which owns, among others, BCM, Megapark and Tito's, has been moved from the prison in Palma to one in Valencia. He was accompanied on the plane from Palma by officers from the National Police.

Vicente Campaner, a lawyer representing Cursach, has lodged a legal complaint against the prison's director, María Jesús de Dios Corchero, alleging "prevaricación administrativa". While this term, for ease of translation, is given as, for example, malfeasance or abuse of power, what it really means is something like knowingly issuing an unjust decision. Transferring Cursach is, in Campaner's opinion, unjust. He has also denounced what he says was his being held in an illegal manner when he visited the prison to see Cursach. According to his version, he was kept against his will for fifteen minutes in a cubicle on the instruction of the prison's director.

Other lawyers for Cursach are claiming that his transfer represents a violation of constitutional rights and have presented a writ of habeas corpus to have the transfer order quashed in order to allow him to return to Palma.

Cursach was arrested on 28 February and ordered to prison on 2 March, charged with a host of offences, including homicide and running a criminal organisation. Since entering prison his behaviour has been described as exemplary. However, there are concerns about threats and also about the control that Cursach has over inmates. A recent letter, signed by around fifty of them which requested that he stays at the prison, has been looked upon as likely evidence of this.

Tolo Sbert, arrested and imprisoned at the same time as Cursach, is also due to be transferred. It is understood that he will go to a different prison.