It's a cold January in Majorca but not nearly as cold as other parts of Europe. | Joan Torres


Proving that it isn't perhaps always wise to believe weather forecasts made weeks in advance, Majorca is currently registering its coldest January since 2005. And it's set to get colder. Aemet has announced that the average temperature at Palma airport so far this month is 8.6 degrees. In 2005, there was a slightly lower average of 8.1C. Just before Christmas, Aemet said that winter was going to be warmer than usual.

To be fair, the agency did also indicate that temperatures would decrease towards the end of this month and into the start of February, but the decrease (a further decrease therefore) is due to set in earlier. The agency's website is currently forecasting Snow down to 100 metres on Monday next week. The cold front will take hold by Friday, the agency says.

There was also an 8.1C average in 2000, and prior to that there had been an 8.4C average in 1993. The agency points out that January is typically one of the warmest winter months.

Although Aemet doesn't believe that this January will break a record for Cold weather, it adds that there will be a high number of days that are colder than normal. The weather pattern is expected to continue until around 24 January. If it then gets warmer, the forecast made in December will prove to have been a touch wide of the mark.

Tomorrow will in fact be warmer, but it will be a blip, as the cold (colder) spell is on the way.