The property in the Sant Jordi district of Palma which was the scene of the murder. | Alejandro Sepulveda

Jaume Salom, named as the 38-year-old accused of murdering his ex-partner, Gemma Vich, on Friday, will be placed on remand following a hearing by the duty judge at Son Espases hospital. The accused had been admitted to Son Espases, suffering from an anxiety attack when he was found by police next to Gemma Vich's body. The judge moved the court to the hospital in order to take testimony. Upon discharge, the accused will be taken to prison.

The judge has levelled different charges against Jaume Salom: murder or aggravated homicide caused by relationship as well as burglary. The accused is to be detained without bail.

The alleged murder has caused considerable shock on account of its apparent brutality, the cutting of Gemma Vich's throat and decapitation.