Archive photo of the fiestas in Colonia Sant Jordi.

The town hall in Ses Salines has arranged for there to be a large police presence and wide security measures in place to cope with the fiestas in Colonia Sant Jordi. This operation is to come into effect today, although Saturday night is when the resort can anticipate the greatest influx of visitors and the most intense security operation. It is designed in particular to curb street drinking parties and to ensure compliance with the local bylaw on "co-existence". Anyone drinking alcohol in public places, says the council, can expect drink to be confiscated.

Working also with the Guardia Civil, there are to be special controls at access points into Colonia Sant Jordi with drink and drug tests to be carried out. On Saturday night there will be a deployment of police officers in the centre of the resort. Mayor Bernat Roig says that he wants to enhance and promote the fiestas in the resort but will not accept anti-social and disrespectful behaviour.

Early on Sunday morning, a major clean-up operation is scheduled, with some twenty people from the company that holds the cleaning contract being pressed into service. Mayor Roig says that by 9.30 or 10am on Sunday morning, Avenida Primavera, the main centre for the fiestas, will be spotless and will present the image that Colonia Sant Jordi deserves.