Report also reveals that average salaries remained more or less the same in 2014 as they had been in 2013 with little prospect of increases this year.It may well not come as a surprise to learn that almost a fifth of unemployed workers in Spain admit to having worked black and that almost a half of those who have not received black money say that they would be prepared to do so.  A report from InfoJobs (an employment agency) and the Esade business school has established that, in addition to the 18.5% of the unemployed who say that they have received black pay, just over ten per cent of employed workers confess to also having received such income.
But both the unemployed and the employed (two out of three of them) make clear that these payments, which can typically constitute a quarter of total pay, are made because employers only offer this option.
The survey by InfoJobs also asked about income and it has discovered that virtually two-thirds of its users had seen their income drop in 2014, with three out of four of these having been unemployed.