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Find out which ships are in port today

There are no cruise ships visiting Palma today

Cathy Caliz

Mountain rescue in the snow in Mallorca

Hiker rescued after fall in the snow in the mountains

The mountain rescue team was alerted around 4pm on Wednesday.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

National Police in Palma, Mallorca

Tourist arrested for sexual assault at a Palma hostel

The 24-year-old Venezuelan woman was staying in the same room as the arrested man.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Passengers at the Intermodal Station in Palma Mallorca

Madrid says Balearics exceeded powers for cost-of-living measures

The Balearic government has been forced to amend legislation.

Andrew Ede

Find out which ships are in port today

There are no cruise ships scheduled to dock in Palma today

Cathy Caliz

Spain's prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, speaking in the Senate

Spain minimum wage to rise by eight per cent

In effect a compromise between the proposals of the unions and the employers.

Andrew Ede

Filming on location in Palma.

Mallorca-filmed Bollywood blockbuster hit song released tomorrow

Music video was shot in Mallorca, massive release tomorrow.

Humphrey Carter

Caravan "compounds" popping up in and around Palma.

Concern over rise in people living in caravans in Mallorca

High cost of rents and living forcing more and more people to live in caravans in Palma.

Humphrey Carter

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Find out which ships are in port today

There is one cruise ship scheduled to visit the port of Palma today

Cathy Caliz31/01/2023 06:00

PALMA. WORKS. Something is moving on Palma's Paseo Marítimo. The refurbishment work is causing the closure of one lane, which is causing minor traffic jams and slowing down traffic.

Businesses on the Paseo Marítimo warn of closures due to refurbishment work

An important part of the complaints lies in the way the works are being started.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter30/01/2023 14:11

According to the data released, core inflation, without unprocessed food or energy products, has climbed half a point.

Inflation rises to 5.8% in January after end of fuel subsidies

The spike in the annual inflation rate in January breaks five months of moderation in the evolution of price increases after the peak of 10.8% reached in July.

EFE30/01/2023 12:19

The bus service for the Formentor peninsula in Pollensa, Mallorca

Formentor traffic restrictions extended for summer 2023

In 2023, the restrictions will apply from June 1 to September 30.

Andrew Ede30/01/2023 11:23

Demons' correfoc for the Sant Sebastiá fiestas in Palma, Mallorca

Palma packed for the 'correfoc'

One of the great spectacles of Mallorca's fiestas.

Andrew Ede30/01/2023 10:45

Jaime Martínez of the Partido Popular in Mallorca

Poll suggests win for the right at Palma election in May

A loss of one PSOE councillor would swing it for the right.

Andrew Ede30/01/2023 09:36

Find out which ships are in port today

There are no cruise ships scheduled to dock in Palma today

Cathy Caliz30/01/2023 06:00

Traffic jams in the Tramuntana Mountains in Mallorca

Traffic jams as people go to see the snow in the mountains

Escorca town hall is once again highlighting the chaos.

Andrew Ede29/01/2023 16:52

Apartment development in Palma, Mallorca

Affordable housing in Palma - nigh on impossible

Developers say that building social housing in Palma is not feasible.

Andrew Ede29/01/2023 11:45

Accord for government in the Balearics in 2019

The right edges towards Balearic parliament majority

The latest poll raises any number of questions as to the outcome of the May parliamentary election.

Andrew Ede29/01/2023 08:10

Live longer in the Balearics.

The Balearics has the second highest life expectancy in Europe

Inhabitants of the islands are the second longest-living in Europe.

Humphrey Carter28/01/2023 16:39

Snow in Mallorca's Tramuntana Mountains

Snow, Star Wars and a celebrity lip: Mallorca weekly round-up

And also a political row, a US attempt at extradition and demolition and conversion.

Andrew Ede28/01/2023 12:12

The Guardia Civil are on full alert in Mallorca.

Pregnant woman rescued from Mallorca snow storm

A numbers of drivers have been trapped by the snow.

Humphrey Carter28/01/2023 11:32