Boris Johnson

The UK government has been reluctant to reintroduce measures, but it has been left with no alternative.


The UK government has announced that all people travelling into the UK will again have to take a PCR test (on the second day back) and self-isolate until they get a negative result. The government has made clear that it didn’t want to introduce this measure (and others) but that the new Omicron variant has forced its hand.

Anyone who comes into contact with a positive case of Omicron will have to self-isolate – even if they’ve had both vaccine doses. Two cases of Omicron have been confirmed.

The compulsory wearing of face coverings in shops and on public transport has been reintroduced in England.

Boris Johnson said on Saturday that more work was needed to determine how rapidly the variant spreads and how effective vaccines might be. The emphasis at present is on trying to stop cases entering the UK.


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Dan / Hace about 1 month

Yet again @James, showing your misunderstanding.

The South African health expert explicitly said the symptoms experienced were mild 'with younger patients'. But there was also an admission that its impact on the elderly, or its vaccine evasion, is yet unknown and requires further study. Which is why these measures are designed to buy time and establish whether or not it is likely to become the dominant strain over delta. There is no evidence to suggest it's either more or less lethal.

The vaccine has prevented millions of potential hospitalisations - this is clearly borne out by the % of people in hospital who are unvaccinated relative to the % of population.


Johnny / Hace about 1 month

Always a treat to see like minded creatures living this planet or island. Myself I have 4... wait.. .3 shots in my arm BUT I cant travel to Chine cause there the vaccine is not valid. Never mind, I laugh, I can take the vaccine they have too, why not, its only for emergency use :)


Nigel / Hace about 1 month

Exactly James. Depends on the source of information, and what you want to believe. I rather bend towards your view, be vaccinated and move on. However, I do not remove the right from those who fear the vaccination from one or another reason, I do not fear them any more than a vaccinated person, they will become more ill than myself.


James / Hace about 1 month

@Dan. I understand how a virus works. It's a shame the media and politicians decided to use Fear tactics once again. If anybody has listened to the South African health specialist who have dealt with this new variant, they explain that the symptoms are very mild. So the virus is doing what a virus does, it becomes more contagious but more mild. I do think people love the drama of covid and really want it to last forever, to get there pointless booster shot every 6 months.


Rich / Hace about 1 month

I'm just totally bored with the whole covid thing. What's the demographic of deaths in the balearics? Tell me please, and state the criterion for a 'covid complicated' death.


Dan / Hace about 1 month

Oh look, it's James again with his frequent mis-understanding about how mutations of a virus work.


James / Hace about 1 month

So the vaccine is pointless


Adam / Hace about 1 month

well this will be really good for traveling and tourists !