Cala Major, Palma.

Cala Major, Palma.

26-07-2020Wendy Wighton Urquhart

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he won't be adding more destinations to the UK's ‘Green’ list any time soon, because of the rise in Indian variant cases in the UK, according to the Sun newspaper.

“There is a very limited list as you know and we will make sure that people travelling abroad will be subject to all the tests and restraints that people would expect to prevent the virus from being reimported,” said Johnson. ”It’s such a tiny list of countries and I don't expect we'll be adding to it very rapidly."

It’s a huge blow for the Tourism Sector in Mallorca which has been counting on there being an influx of Brits in June, but it looks like they’ll have to wait until July or August.

Mallorca and Spain are currently on the ‘Amber’ list which means that British tourists would have to quarantine for 10 days at home when they get back to the UK.


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John P / Hace 8 months

I fear it will be Xmas before Brits get back to Mallorca. Even if the balearics get on the green list the crazy rule of PCR tests will make it too much hassle for most. It seems there was no point in getting vaccination!!


Jared / Hace 8 months

We can’t currently enter Spain anyway until end of May even if Mallorca was on the green list. I got turned away last Friday night even with NIE, legal contract with a builder and urgent request to attend a meeting on site as well as Covid test etc. This wasn’t Covid this is Brexit as we are non EU. I hope brexit isn’t going to effect travel to Mallorca and spain moving forward especially reading 18 million UK visitors visited in 2019 it’ll certainly make UK citizens review holiday ‘ house buying plans. The Brits love spain generally but may have to love alternative places if things continue as they are