Welcome to North Korea, is how a senior executive of a major tour firm reacted to the new Law of Excesses which was introduced by the previous Balearic government and which curbs excessive drinking in Magalluf and Arenal. It didn't take too long for some bright sparks to organise coach tours to neighbouring resorts where the Law of Excesses is not in force. Santa Ponsa has proved very popular with Magalluf tourists this summer!

Granted that this season there have been fewer incidents in Magalluf, with Arenal in Playa de Palma, which also has the Law of Excesses, being the Bad Boy resort of Mallorca. The new Calvia council has also been busy, handing out fines to businesses who break the law of excesses by selling alcohol after hours. So has the Law of Excesses brought Magalluf under control?

Well, the figures speak for themselves, there have been fewer incidents. However, it could also mean that fewer tourists have gone to the resort because of the drinking curbs and as a direct result businesses have seen their takings fall. If Magalluf businesses report that they have had a good summer and hoteliers say that their occupancy levels have been high, then the previous Balearic government should be congratulated; they have tamed Magalluf. But if takings are down and there are fewer tourists, then the new Balearic government will be under pressure to make changes.

At first glance the Law of Excesses has worked in Magalluf but has failed in Playa de Palma. Perhaps the days of Magalluf being in the headlines for all the wrong reasons are over. Perhaps, the Bad Boy of Mallorca tourism has finally been reformed. After a massive amount of investment Magalluf has changed for the better and now it appears that its tourists have also changed.