Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy with me at Pirates Adventure. | Richie Prior

I’ve been lucky in my life to meet some amazing people and do a variety of memorable things. This past week has been no exception, with Peter Crouch, Abbey Clancy and their kids visiting Pirates Adventure. Both have been before and they are always fun and friendly. Peter of course had a stellar football career playing for 14 teams over 19 years, scoring 108 goals in the Premier League which puts him in an elite bracket of strikers to have broken the 100+ mark. In 2017, he broke Alan Shearer’s record for most headed goals in Premier League history. He played 42 times for England, scoring 22 goals with his trademark ‘robot dance’ goal celebration. Since retiring from football he has built a successful media career working for BT Sport (now TNT) and his podcasts are hilarious. One of the most memorable featured William the Prince of Wales, which I urge you to listen to if you haven’t already.

Abbey Clancy is a catwalk model who came second in Britain’s Next Top Model in 2006 and won Strictly Come Dancing in 2013. They have four children together and they are one of most down to earth and nicest celebrity couples I have had the pleasure to meet. Lately they have been doing a podcast together called ‘The Therapy Crouch’, where they are exploring the trials and tribulations experienced by them and their listeners, as they navigate their way through complex relationships. My wife is an avid listener.

The first thing Abbey asked me as they arrived was ‘please tell me you’re still doing chicken & chips, I love them!’ We took them all on our backstage tour which takes in all the inner workings of how our show functions and also tells the story of how we came to be in picture form. From there, they sat and enjoyed the show and were happy to pose for photos with the audience when the show allowed. As I said above they’ve been a few times now and it’s always a pleasure to meet them.

One of my conversations with Peter was about the coming football season and that he would be working for the new satellite TV company TNT who took over BT Sport. He said he was going to the Community Shield at Wembley that weekend and I said me too.

Short trip to the UK

It was a coincidence that the same weekend we’d planned a short trip to the UK to visit our families and celebrate our sons 14th birthday. It was lovely to see my 93 year old mother who is affectionately known as ‘the Duchess’ and now lives in a retirement home in Letchworth in Hertfordshire. Although understandably a little forgetful theses days, she still has her wits about her and can still give me a telling off. On the Saturday we had a barbecue with my wife’s side of the family. Now I’d heard reports of how bad the weather was in the UK, so much so that my sister had told me to bring a jumper, in August? To be honest with the temperatures we’ve had here in Mallorca, stepping off the plane at Luton was a welcome cooling relief. Back to the barbecue which my brother-in-law had to do under a gazebo which sheltered him from the wind and rain. It was that cold that we could see our breath whilst talking. Always good to catch up with all of the family.

Sunday me and the boys headed off to Wembley. With the news dominated by train strikes it was my intention to drive into London. But we checked on the train situation and there were no strikes and we could get from Bedford to St Pancras in just 40 minutes. Five stops on the tube and we were at the theatre of dreams all for just £17.00 each. The food and drink however was a little more expensive with 2 hot dogs and a burger coming to £30.00 and two pints and a water coming to the same! I was though very impressed with the stadium as the only thing I’d seen there before was Ed Sheeran. Our seats were amazing and I thought reasonably priced at £65.00 each, shout out to Jeff and Ian who helped me out getting those. The game itself is always good when you win and the new rule of adding more time on at the end meant that we equalised a fine Manchester City goal in the 101st minute. With no extra time, we won 4-1 on penalties and made our journey back one to enjoy.

Last weekend saw the start of the football season and this weekend the Premier League and La Liga returns. I’m looking forward to watching more of Arsenal and particularly Real Mallorca during the coming season.

Take care everybody and enjoy your weekend!