One of the new bar and restaurant terrace "yellow zones" in Palma. | H. Carter

Not only is the holiday season upon us and, at least this week, the sun is beating down, but local elections are looming at the end of May and it appears that Palma City Council is on another crusade against bars and restaurants.

Over the past few days, some of the city’s most emblematic and popular boulevards and pavements have seen bars and restaurants have their terraces marked out by lovely yellow lines within which the tables and chairs have to remain. Looks like an eyesore to me and a waste of time and money.

For example, on Friday afternoons when the weekly after work Tardeo sessions kick off and last week into the early hours, the pavements outside the most popular and fashionable bars and restaurants are jam packed which hundreds of people spilling into the roads in some cases.

So while some people may be seated inside the “yellow zones” hundreds of others will be drinking and smoking outside of the new terrace limits. All seems rather petty and pointless considering all of the bars and restaurants which have licences for a terrace know how much area they can use for tables and chairs.
The move certainly will not reduce noise levels and boost the local Mr. Angry local resident vote.