We live from tourism and without tourists we are nothing. I think this key sentence should be plastered in everyone’s minds across Mallorca. This is the bottom-line.

Now, I am all in favour of debates and conferences on where and how the tourist industry should be going but we must always be careful; what we don’t want is anti-tourism rhetoric which can be very harmful.

The junior coalition members of the Balearic government, the Mallorcan nationalist at Mes and the far-left Podemos, could be accused of anti-tourism rhetoric. Mes doesn’t believe that we should promote tourism to Mallorca because we already have too many tourists. This is a ridiculous statement.

You must always promote your product because you never know what is around the next corner. This season was a good year for tourism but remember a sizeable percentage of tourists who came to these shores had booked back in 2019 before the pandemic hit and three years later they enjoyed their holiday. This rather inflated the figures.

No-one is daring to make a proper forecast of summer 2023 because we simply do not know what is going to happen with the cost of living and energy crisis. The British and German economies are also in bad shape. The tourist industry must be prepared and it also must ensure that Mallorca is promoted abroad tourists are welcomed with opened arms.