While Mallorcan hoteliers faff about over whether it is worth their time and money staying open this winter to accommodate Spanish pensioners as part of the government-subsidised Imserso programme of holidays, they are missing a trick.

It is one I commented on only a few weeks ago and it appears that the hoteliers, after having apparently enjoyed a very lucrative summer season, are keen to close up and stash all the loot in the bank, but with a bit of foresight they could make a few more euros over the winter.

One has to take into account that this is what I call a ‘false summer’, a large number of visitors would have been people who booked their holidays in 2020 but had to wait two years to take their holiday because of Covid, so next summer is going to be a ‘real summer’ with no more backlogs of pandemic victims, so is shutting up so early wise when the short term future is looking uncertain - people have massive energy and food bills to pay first?

And it is easing those energy bills where Mallorca is missing a trick while the Costa del Sol has stolen the march.

The tourist board is encouraging Britons to head to southern Spain this winter and soak up the sun rather than paying extortionate energy bills back home.

The president of the tourist board has said that the tourist industry is trying to attract energy “nomads” - can I hear that from Mallorca please.