Dear Sir,

I am a regular reader and a homeowner in Mallorca. I also frequently travel directly from the UK to Ibiza.

On my last two occasions visiting Ibiza on direct UK flights, my UK passport has not been exit-stamped by Spanish immigration authorities upon leaving Ibiza back to the UK.

Nor have any of the passengers on the particular Ibiza-UK flight had their passports stamped (on BA to Heathrow in late April, then today on Easyjet to Gatwick).

Unlike in Mallorca, there is no separate terminal for UK departures at Ibiza airport. In theory, the National Police should stamp outgoing passengers’ passports at the departure gate. This has not been happening, and is of huge significance, due to the deeply regretted post-Brexit “90 day” rule for non-resident Brits.

I now have two “un-closed” Spanish visits in my UK passport, making a nonsense of the 90 day rule, and running the risk of me being accused of overstaying my rolling 90 days’ allowance. Which I haven’t.

Given that this has happened twice on successive visits to Ibiza, I think it merits a news item in your paper (I know that you are the Mallorca Daily Bulletin, but this is an issue of Balearic-wide importance).

Many thanks,

Jules O’Riordan