Sunday roast beef. | wikipedia

The big question is...what do British tourists prefer for lunch on a Sunday when they are on holiday..roast beef or paella? Judging by our social media accounts it is roast beef. Obviously, there are a large number of British tourists who want to try local cuisine but the British traditional favourite comes out on top according to our social media poll. What more can the local authorities do to promote local food to British tourists?

Well, it is exceptionally difficult because in some ways it is like changing a tradition of a lifetime. What they could do,though, is encourage local restaurants to put more Mallorcan and to some extent Spanish dishes on their menus. As I have often said in this space if you want a pizza in Palma you are spoilt for choice but you are hard pushed to find a restaurant in central Palma which serves authentic Mallorcan cuisine.

In fact, the croissant rules supreme over the ensaimada as the favourite breakfast food in most areas of the city. I do enjoy Mallorcan food but even I, as a long-term expat, fancy a roast beef on a Sunday. In some ways I think it is a question of promotion. The local authorities could surely get one of the many cookery programmes on British television to concentrate an episode on Mallorcan food. Many tourists coming to these shores are probably not aware of Mallorca´s culinary heritage. I don´t think that roast beef will ever be knocked off the top spot but I am sure that there is scope for the paella to win some ground.